Frequently Asked Questions


SHIPPING:  Due to global health events beyond our control, DHL, USPS, and FedEx are currently experiencing shipping delays. Your package may be held by the carrier for delivery at a later date while they work to keep safety top of mind. Please monitor your tracking details once your order has been shipped, and reach out to the carrier for more details if your order is delayed.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS:  We ask that all international customers take note of your own tracking information and receipt as we won't be able to track or monitor this for you. International return packages can take 4 weeks or more to reach our facility. Your return may be delayed in getting back to us due to delays with international carriers.

Q:  Where is my order?
A:  if you have not received an order confirmation, please contact us immediately. 

Q:  Can I cancel my order?
A:  Yes, we accept cancelations. Please contact us immediately so the cancellation process can start. 

Q:  Why was my order cancelled?
A:  An order can be cancelled with numerous reasons. Unfortunately, we may sell out on an item. There are also times when our system will flag your order as fraudulent. You will be contacted immediately regarding your cancelled order.

Q:  What is POD?
A:  Print on demand. It's an order fulfillment method where items are printed as soon as an order is made.

Q:  I purchased a downloadable print, now what?
A:  You should immediately receive a file for download once your order is complete.

Q:  I received a damaged product, what do I do now?
A:  If by any chance you have received an item with any sort of damage or misprint, please contact us immediately. Please provide a picture of the damage as well as the tag. After 14 days, we no longer assume the responsibility for any damages to merchandise. If you choose to return the item for a refund, please notify us as soon as possible before sending the item back to ensure you will get a refund.