About Us

Our boutique are collections of clothing, artisan jewelry and accessories.

Additional Accessories Inventory

We're constantly striving to improve our website and inventory. We now offer seat covers and car mats for your vehicles. For your home, we offer blankets and home decor such as rugs and downloadable prints. 

New Clothing Inventory

We've revamped our website and our inventory. We now offer clothing! We have a collection of hoodies, shirts, sweatshirts, leggings and baby clothes. Come back often as we'll be adding new items. 

Jewelry and Accessories

Most of our bracelets are handmade. We use semi-precious gemstones (Grade A, B, and C), premium glass beads, plated metal beads and natural wood beads from a trusted and well-known global supplier.

Our pinback buttons are designed then printed on high resolution paper. Each are hand pressed using a professional-grade button machine. Pinback button parts are manufactured in the USA and sourced from steel in the USA.

Other jewelry and accessories are from trusted and well-established suppliers.


Our Story: From Buttons to Bracelets

How did it all start you say?

It started with me losing a button my sister gave me (after she told me not to lose it!) A Jack Skellington and Sally button from A Nightmare Before Christmas. It was pinned on to my bag and I lost it somewhere between California and Montgomery Street in San Francisco (California). I was going to buy her a new one when she told me this 2” button cost $5 (taxes not included).

Got me thinking…what if I make my own buttons instead? Make them with my own sayings and drawings. So I started to create buttons for friends and family. The things they said, their favorite saying, or their favorite character on a button made just for them. The look on their faces was priceless. I would continue to make buttons as gifts.

Fast-forward eight years later, the business I was working for closed down. I needed another outlet for my creativity. I started with baking and I saw my waistline grow. So I had to pick another outlet fast. I still bake every other week (but no longer every day).

Then, I was helping my sis make bracelets for EDC in Las Vegas. I quickly saw how relaxing it was. I’m a tactile person. Touching and choosing each bead to create a finished bracelet was satisfying to my soul.

Started making bracelets with acrylic beads, then used glass beads. As my confidence level grew, I worked my way up to semi-precious gemstones.

I have always loved making gifts and cards for family and friends for their birthdays and Christmases. Many have asked where I sell them or if I have a website.

I never thought of my creations being sold. They were all so personal and how would you put a price tag on that?

A dear friend of mine told me not to sell myself short. Then I realized, as long as my creations come from the heart, possibilities are endless.

Why the name 1eyed 1der designs?

You may ask...why one eyed wonder (1eyed 1der) designs? Well, it's very unfortunate but I lost my left eyesight due to a detached retina, hence, the one eyed (1eyed). Wonder (1der) is a tribute to Wonder Woman, who was my favorite superhero growing up. Look how cute I was. 

young me as wonder woman