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1" Pinback Buttons Mix Sets

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Buttons are a fun way to show off your personal style or what's on your mind. Collect them for yourself or give them as gifts.

Set #1 includes 3 pinback buttons:
» I can't adult today.
» You're in my territorial bubble
» Unicorn throwing up rainbow

Set #2 includes 4 pinback buttons:
» Drama Free Zone
» Cute Unicorn
» 11:59 a.m. is still morning
» Give me coffee and no one gets hurt

Set #3 includes 4 pinback buttons:
» Let's taco 'bout it
» God heart dinosaurs
» Broke up with gym
» I run on caffeine & inappropriate thoughts

Set #4 includes 4 pinback buttons:
» Bazinga!
» What's your favorite color? (from Elf, the movie)
» Gym is my new boyfriend
» I wish I was Felicia. She's always going somewhere.

Set #5 includes 4 pinback buttons:
» Mermaid
» Namaste in bed
» Wish (Dandelion)
» Sorry I yelled at you when I was hangry. I love you.

Set #6 includes 4 pinback buttons:
» Shopping is my cardio
» You're too close.
» Mermaid
» Hangry chart

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Each button is 1" in diameter. Designed then hand pressed using a professional-grade button machine. Pinback button parts are manufactured in the USA and sourced from steel in the USA.

NOTE: Images are fan created.